My Passion

I get to be two things at once – pastor and craftsman – and I love being both. I wake up with the sun to read, study and put pen to paper. Then as the morning progresses, I trade in my desk for a workbench, my books for a design and put saw to wood. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

As many things are, my love for furniture and cabinetmaking was born of necessity. While newly married and in graduate school my wife and I realized our severe lack of both furniture and funds. Thus followed those fateful words that many a husband speak, “Why don’t I build us something.” That something (that’s still in use, by the way) created a spark, that became a flame which burns deeper and brighter with the passage of time.

Building things of great substance that stand the test of time.

Today, I take great pleasure in designing and building custom cabinetry, reproducing antique furniture pieces, and getting to know the people for whom I build them.